Anne Grizzel

"Fear will keep you from asking for help. Asking for help is the most courageous thing you can do"

Traverse City native Anne Grizzel , lost her son, Alex (Top left), to an overdose in October 2017. Heartbroken, and

knowing there was nothing she could do to reverse the

tragedy of losing her son, Anne took action.


Side by side with Tyler Thirlby, one of Alex’s best

friends who also struggles with the disease of addiction,

the Grizzel family is taking their story to the streets in

an effort to better educate the public about the opioid


When Tyler approached Anne about an event to

honor Alex, Grizzel’s Game, the Grizzel’s were on board.

Throughout the planning and execution of the event ,

Anne and her family grew to love Tyler as another son

and appreciate him for fulfilling her late son’s motto to

“have a purpose.” She stood with her family and Tyler on

the ice at Grizzel’s Game on February 10, 2018 in front

of a crowd of more than 1,500 people. The event launched a community-wide discussion on the opioid crisis.

Anne's decision to be the feature of Predator & Prey

was a leap of faith and strong purpose. She originally

agreed to take part as a "behind the scenes" story-teller

and adviser. As the project progressed, Anne became

a regular fixture at East Middle School working closely

with the students. She credits their seriousness and

professionalism with her decision to open up on camera.

Anne's courage brought her daugther Katie on board,

and their stories, along with Tyler's, turned into Predator

& Prey.

Anne, in long-term recovery herself, can be found

going to schools educating teenagers about the dangers

of addiction. She does so with Tyler Thirlby, and, occasionally, her daughter. Like any mother mourning the

loss of a child, she is still dealing with heartbreak, but

using her son’s death as a reason to help others brings

her hope that her community can better support those

struggling with addiction.

(Above) Anne's son, Alex Grizzel

(Above) Anne with Tyler Thirlby